The "Hi-Fi" record player sat at the bottom of the stairs like a big piece of furniture. Four records held the key to a lifelong friendship with music and each other. Every summer we would revisit those four records and our growing interest in the music we would one day grow-up to play. Over the years, as we played street corners, coffee houses, bars and festivals, we planned on recording an album, an 8-track, a cassette and now, a CD. In 2014, we decided to complete what we had set out to do some 45 years earlier.

(Photo 1978)

Harp, Vocals / Ken Klaus
Guitars / Fred & David Warren
Bass / Kenn Brown & Neil 'Jones' Warner
Piano / Kenny Kearns, Levon Stevens & John Brackett
Percussion / Fuzzy Davis & Greg Crichley
Horns / Billy Howe & Danny Dennison
Drums / Chris Rollins & Eric Johnson
Fiddle / George Huhn